Become a web designer and/or internet marketer

This course is perfect for those wishing to start their own business as web designers and internet marketers or those wanting to gain employment as a junior website designer, or just wishing to earn some extra money as freelance web designers or alternatively for clients who wish instead to possess these skills and no longer need to pay a web developer or marketing agency.

I am only able to train 4 people per month so book now to avoid disappointment.


What you will learn

We are offering an introductory 2 day course in website design and online marketing. We will cover everything you need to know to have an effective online presence for your self or your clients business. Each day will consist of three 2 hour sessions and a half hour for questions in each session. Hard copy of the course will be provided upon completion.

  • Server management
  • Website registration
  • Content management systems
  • Wordpress
  • Website design
  • Plugins and Features
  • Search
  • Social media


  • R 6500

Includes 2 days of training, catering and course material. Includes a fully purchased theme for your own or your clients website. We will also attempt to complete the website as part of the training.

50% deposit payable to book your spot and balance on day 1 of training.


Morning session:  a thorough introduction into website design.
Server setup and management and website registration and creation.

Midday session: Content management solutions, why we choose WordPress & theme selection and installations. Alternative CMS options available.

Afternoon session: Website Design


Morning session: Effective website Design

Midday session: Website Design and Search engine optimisation and plugins and client specific features such as eCommerce (online shops)

Afternoon session:  Social Media and content marketing and Google search


We are able tin you at your premises or home. Alternatively we can do the training at my home office or even at my friends quiet restaurant in Fourways where we will be treated to a complimentary lunch.

Do I receive a qualification or certificate??

No, we are not an education organisation but rather  a digital web development company who has for many years been teaching clients and staff all the ins and outs of the industry.

You will possess skills which are worth far more than a piece of paper.

How computer literate do I need to be??

The more computer literate you are the better. That being said we have taught a bunch of fisherman to manage their own beautiful website who barely knew how to copy and paste when we first started training.

Each course we assess the level of students and group your accordingly.

What do I need??

You have to have a laptop that can connect to the internet via wifi.

In the first session we will be setting you up with your own server  to host either your own website or your clients websites, you will need to setup an account with the hosting company (hetzner) and pay via debit order. We will advise each of you as to which hosting option you require – ranging between R19/month to R149/month

My company needs a website, is this course for me??

Yes absolutely. Websites can cost between R3000 and R50 000 depending on the nature of your business and how many pages you need. So there is an obvious advantage to being able to build your own site. Apart from that we will teach you how to make it perform well on Google and market it through social media, all of this would cost significantly more our course.

What level will I be after this course??

Each students level is different however you will have been introduced and taught all aspects of online marketing, from websites to search and even social media. You will build a functioning live website on the first day and be able to create and register sites immediately after the first session. The more sites you create the more proficient you will become as a web designer.

Can I make a living as a web designer after this course??

Yes! You can start making money as a web designer as soon as you complete this course.  everyone knows somebody who needs a website, its a good idea to start with these friends or family  ‘low hanging  fruit’

How much could I earn??

Depending on how hard you work and how many sites you build you can earn anywhere between R3000 if you build just one site a month or up to R30 000 if you build big websites or if you can manage 10 sites a month. Earning potential is very much up to how many contacts you have and how many sales you are able to make.

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